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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 17, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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jim >> storms some severe pushing through tonight this pushes us into a double digit temperature drop. >> major weather shifts. tom skilling is in. >> it is operating heavily in dekalb aurora and dupage. looking at our three-dimensional radar plot there have been some flashes of lightning but what's interesting is to see this well-
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defined line coming across the area this will come through with some very high winds in the western suburbs. once this thing passes a big swirling storm sets up residence the next couple of days this could include showers with pellets of ice into the next few days even waterspouts and cold air finals. at 1155 tonight, another wave of rain comes through tonight. how much rain is on the way for the second time in less than a week? more than 1 in. will fall in many areas. here is the latest forecast is not just for tonight this is all of the burst of rain in the next three days. we have some wind gusts to talk about too some of them on
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upwards of 38 mi. per hour. it dominates the central u.s. weather. and a look at lake michigan which is at a record low for october. >> now to our other tom a half million dollar pot bust. >> major developments just in the last few minutes the white van just behind me chock full of marijuana a half a million dollars' worth. police officers are loading it up. $30,000 cash was found inside as well along
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with a couple of guns found in a safe at this location. police say their investigation is still ongoing no charges as of yet although they are expected, one of them is expected to be a felony count of manufacturing marijuana as well as weapons violations. the gentleman arrested here when gang enforcement officers walked out with a warrant a few hours ago he was facing custody and police describe it as an exotic and sophisticated growing operation. it has been in operation here for quite some time police also released photographs of what they see inside they say those hundreds marijuana plants an estimated 5,000 lbs. may be a little more than that. pretty big plants. some trees size
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marijuana plants were loaded up in to that event half a million dollars estimated street value. it was a thriving business with some fairly high profile clients. charges pending likely in the morning. stop in what could have been another terror attack on new york city. fbi sting napped a 21 year-old man accused of trying to blow up a landmark bank, the bangladesh native targeted the federal reserve bank of new york they had him under surveillance and gave him fake explosives and when he used his cell phone to try to blow up the 1,000 lb. bomb he was arrested. we are still very much a coveted target by terrorists, new york is the top of the terror target list in
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this country and i think that just reaffirms that. the suspect was there blaming the study on a college in missouri. two debates down, one to go monday. the candidates are pressing their debate points on the campaign trail after their town hall house last night romney telling voters in the swing state of virginia that he is qualified to handle women's chief concerns because of his business experience. acutepresident obama quoting women voters he said he has always supported equal pay for equal work in for a pink breast cancer bracelet today and
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were that his election night will take indoors at mccormick place. we spoke with the chicago security company that handles events like these what they said about the mccormick location in our second half- hour. >> julian crews is helping the board of elections get the word out tonight. >> pay close attention to the location so that you know exactly and can confirm the location of your polling place. he is urging people to look for their voter guides due to arrive in your mailbox any day now so you will not be surprised election day if your polling place moves. in about one-third of our voters will be givenin our wards in approximately 15 percent of voters will have a new polling place. the changes are due to
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the precinct consolidations and newly drawn ward maps. for months now they have been putting up the words for a variety of means from smart phones to texting there is a variety of ways to find out if your polling place has changed. if you text your address are on and it will tax you back immediately with your polling place location. the effort seems to be paying off on the north side. it's fairly convenient not to offer more you live. not too far off from where you live. everything is like, you should go vote but they don't
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tell you where to go vote. they tell you registration stuff but i haven't heard any information about where to go vote yet. >> the county clerk's office says less than 2 percent of suburban voters will be voting and a new bowlingat a new polling place. the house functions on the website where you type in your address and it will instantly tell you the address of your polling place. blood onto our web site wgn links. a personnel change to the cubs this afternoon not on the field but in the broadcast room. >> bob bradley is gone, he teamed up for eight years and he took over for steve stone today
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bromley announced he was leaving the former big league catcher was among the best in his professional career. he offered cubs fans all the best. i am crushed personally, i am happy for bob and i am sure he will land on his feet and we will be great friends for ever, i am just sad that we are not going to be able to learn about baseball every single day on wgn during the cubs this season, he brings so much with his baseball expertise in and love of great music and culture. that is something that's hard to find in this business. >> bob bradley will be missed not only for his knowledge but for his humor. gramley
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>> voters in illinois second congressional district sorting through the rumors and questions and the few answers about congressman jesse jackson jr. its future on capitol hill. 's future on capitol hill.
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>> a suburban neighborhood in shock tonight police of rest a naperville man on child pornography charges. police arrestsay there could be more victims. >> i'm actually in the neighborhood where the suspect was discovered and zero arrested his own arrest was the subject of a four month long investigation tonight this community is trying to figure out how many more victims may be
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out there. this 50 year-old charged with five counts of aggravated child pornography and one count of all unauthorized videotaping he was or rested mondayarrested monday. they found over 100 images of children under 17 years of age and videotapes, apparently of neighbors and being videotaped while they were dressing and their homes, he had been secretly videotaping neighbors through their windows the quiet neighborhood is only about 1 mi. from the police department. we didn't know there was someone taking pictures for across the street. he says parents are shocked and outraged and they are doing their best to explain to their children what happened. different levelsbecause of the scope
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and time line, we are just getting a bad feeling that all lot more kids, boys as well as girls are going to be identified on these films. neighbors say he moved in 10 years ago and lived alone. >> i was totally shocked i was scared all the sudden and angry of course as far as i know she kept to himself and he was a nice was, a nice guy. the suspect confessed to some of the allegations he is currently being held at dupage county jail on $300,000 bond the next hearing is scheduled for november 15th. >> thousands of north shore students back in school today following a one day teachers' strike 400 union teachers from district 112 walked out of highland park classrooms yesterday after both sides failed to reach an agreement
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over raises retirement and benefits and compensation for graduate work. they produced a tentative agreement early this morning. in the south suburbs according to the patch board members vote on a new contract with teachers and paraprofessionals, an agreement was reached last night after a two-year strike. the teachers ratified a new contract monday. >>ratify a new contract monday. >> that company that has been running chicagos read like camera program for the past nine years, not getting a new contract the mayor's office said that it covered up a two year old ethics case and will not have the chance to do it again.
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and he is up for reelection but his constituents have not heard from him for four months, since his release from the mayo clinic congressman jesse jackson jr. has been holed up in his washington d.c. home and a lot of people are not too happy about that. >> i think it's on professional on his part because if someone is backing you u.s. least show your face. >> you at least show your face. >> the congressman is under a federal investigation for allegedly misusing campaign funds for personal use. >> i think when it comes to physical and mental illness i
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don't know what the doctor said regarding his recovery, i think it's important that he follow their orders if he is going to get better and i think also the voters understand when they go on to the polls they call the shots. >> when asked if jackson's name should even be on the november ballot he says that is up to the congressman and the voters. >> what is worth it, multi vitamins the daily pill could be warding off daily disease.disease. go in grain wheregoing green, where you
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painful memories and the brain can help you, there is work onthe first is to make up your mind to block that memories out into the sec is to replace the troubling memories with different memoriesand the second, is to replace troubling memories with different memories. >> dole is recalling their bad salads from wisconsin and indiana along with seven other states. they are laced with
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listeria. no illnesses have been reported related to the recall. >> it's not comfortable outside because it is drizzly. tom skilling is next. >> making chicago better one meal at a time. finding new ways to go green. hi, i'm amy for downy
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i want you to look at a couple of pitchers. this is from a door county and it comes to us from dan tothis is lake michigan. uc cave point. that is a boat ramp right there and normally the water comes sent into laps up against those rocks right there. in and laps up against the rocks right there. we have records on the lake level going back to 1918 with the army
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corps of engineers. tonight, it's raining. we are not in the drainage basin as interesting as that sounds. but the clouds have certainly thickened and raisingits raining heavily tonight. it's little wonder that lake michigan is down 14 in. from one year ago and tied from 164 for the lowest levels in that lake. here is our three-dimensional portrayal of the radar. a
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tornado has trapped people in homes not far from memphis tennessee so this is part of a huge storm and you see this real well defined line right here that is where northwest winds brought into the southerly winds.bumper into southerly windswinds bump into southerly winds. dotthis however is a big storm. there are 12 states under various wind advisories out here and these are the thunderstorm and tornado watches down south. those are
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warnings for severe weather. this is a mammoth weather system centered on minnesota right now. the center of this will come over us on friday with towering 50 and 60 mi. per hour wind gusts on the periphery of it. this is a perfect setup to spin some waterspouts over the lake. this will be on friday, not so much tomorrow. nebraska has had 61 mi. per hour winds these are all high wind reports from the national weather service. san lewis was hit earlier today and this is wheresan st. louis was hit
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earlier today. look at the rate numbers coming down right here and you see how rain is on the way. did you know there is a big warmup on the way later in the weekend? we could be back in the '70s by sunday and monday. we will tell you more about that on the update. darthtomorrow early peaks
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of sun blustery intercooler it and quite cloudy. sun, blustery and cooler. this atmosphere is explosively on stableun stable. you might to bubble up a thunderstorm that could make good old tale. hal.hai l. for a second night major lane
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closures on the skyway. also close to the dan ryan expressway will be completely closed until 5:00 a.m. and drivers can expect a 15 minute full stops. conakry removal at the bridge rail.concrete removal. swansea a few chicago eateries area few chicago eateries the are going really green.
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warm and balmy almost unheard of whether day here in chicago showcasing our city to the world during an unforgettable moment in history this time certainly weather concerns or a play but certainly different security concerns when he pointed to making a victory speech before chicago and the world, mccormick place recently home to nato and a world summit leaders it offers a controlled environment with expendable space everything designed to have the tightest security even at the presidential level. he says there is a lot to consider when protecting obama the second time around. >> to have an indoor convention center eliminates a lot of what
9:41 pm
ifs, four years after an election and well into a presidency there is a lot of international and domestic factors that the secret service worry about. just how many guests will be allowed in on november 6th that is still not announced. ticketing and logistics are still being worked out because it is a fresh news but secret service, it is good news for them they have a lot of time to plan for the big events. >> coming up, changes to chicago city stickers? very possible. but you will want to check your wallet this time. >> later in sports the bears focusing on keeping their cool by taking on the lions' wow. it's
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one another and what better way to do that then threw the food service industry where we are literally nourishing one another. a group of progressive owners using new methods of preparing foods that do not harm the environment we do have to go through a national independent certification that measures everything from the way that your waste is handled your water usage your energy usage the disposables that you use in certainly the foods that you are eating. to help the in byron help our customers and be a community partner. the brew their own beer here so all of the ingredients the barley and hops, all of those things which
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are left over are donated to local grain company which uses them to make compost. we come from a green family hour mom is very green this soap used to wash the glass is biodegradable and in the bathroom faucets are on timers and there are hand dryers instead of paper. it's definitely a plus i cannot say that i wouldn't come here if it did but i definitely like the idea an idea that is spreading to more and more restaurants across the city. the deadlines could be changing for buying chicago city vehicles stickers, the city clerk wants to stagger deadlines throughout the year right now clark says staggered deadlines will be easier financially for families with more than one car she says it
9:47 pm
will also cut down on long lines and overtime for employees. we have some pretty good rain coming across the area right now this will lead up by morning and redevelop in the form of scattered showers as we spend the next three days influenced by this man its autumn storm system you can see. the heaviest rains right over us now this part of a line of storms to run across st. louis. we hear some other rain totals from downers grove, half an inch to as much as 95 hundredths of an inch.
9:48 pm
this is a big upper air lowe really unseasonably strong. it is a perfect environment to spin up for some cold air funnels and waterspouts on the lakes. look what temperatures dubai morning down in the 40's. then dropping into the low 40's and mid-40s monday night. perhaps near 50 in spots the waterspout threat appears to be overawes over lake michigan. so keep an eye on that. there are the high temperatures today across the country with the cool air invasion pretty evident. 58 and falling to the low 50s later
9:49 pm
tomorrow. sun breaks through on saturday, 59 then windy and warmer. we are not done without warm weather total yet we have an average of about five to go. nice indian summer type weather. what is a hero with a great story to tell now stripped of his seventh fort-de-franctour de fracen nce titles. the financial losses for armstrong are staggering analysts' estimates he could have earned $50 million over the next five years. coming
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up the black hawks capt. doesn't have a lot of things to say about the owners' new proposal although it sounded good to the public. the cubs game will have a different sound on wgn next week, how do you put an unforgettable
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>> the bears met the lions at soldier field. the bear's back at practice today. he always takes a few cheap shots in the game. it's not easy to turn the other cheek but you have to be smart.
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>> monday night detroit is the vision game. the nhl owners and players meet again tomorrow but they remain miles apart on the key issue. the latest owners' offer to split the revenue of 5050. hopefully this is
9:55 pm
something that we can work off of. we will get the details over the next couple of days. in a statement he said working for the cubs has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of his professional career. baseball the tigers' lead in
9:56 pm
that series three games to none. indiana number one. michigan fisk notre dame is 23rd. tensions high in deerfield tonight. >> i cannot wait to get it done, i am not joking. >> that means he is not going to vote good. gibson is also in the
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